Egg card

The Egg card was one of the first online-only credit cards, offering lower rates than you could get from high street lenders. These days everyone and their dog is offering cards online, but the Egg card is still worth a look with 0% on balance transfers and spending until March 2005.

The Egg card was one of the very first online-only credit cards, and it's still a good option: at the time of writing you can transfer balances to your Egg card or simply start spending, and the interest rate is a big fat zero until May 2005. A new anniversary option means you'll be offered 0% APR on balance transfers every year, for up to five months each time, and the Egg site itself is well-designed and simple to use.

There are now two versions of the Egg card: the standard Egg card, which is Visa and has an APR of 13.9% variable, and the new Blue Egg card, which is a MasterCard with the same variable APR of 13.9%. Like the normal Egg card, there's up to 10% cashback when you buy from selected retailers; the blue card also offers 0.5% cashback on everything else and 0% APR on balance transfers, although the interest-free option expires in February.

One thing we're not so keen on is the way Egg tends to up your credit limit even if you don't ask it to. It's a handy feature but it's a little too tempting to run up ever-higher card balances.

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