Halifax credit card

High street doesn't have to mean high rates: with a Halifax credit card you can get 0% on balance transfers and purchases for nine months, and the normal APR is a respectable 9.9% - although the rate you get depends on your personal circumstances. Halifax also offers charity cards with reasonable APRs.

A Halifax credit card is cheaper than you might expect: with 0% APR on transfers and purchases for the first nine months and 9.9% (variable) thereafter, it's very competitive. However, different versions of the card have different rates: the black card has 9.9%, the gold card 12.9% APR, and the blue card 15.9% or even 18.9%. As always the rate you're offered depends on your financial health, but Halifax promises that the majority of its customers get the 9.9% headline rate.

You can also choose from a range of charity cards (Cancer Research. Mencap, NSPCC) and Halifax will give them at least £20 when you apply for your Halifax credit card followed by 25p for every £100 you spend. With the charity cards you'll still get 0% APR for nine months, but the normal APR is slightly higher: 12.9% variable instead of 9.9%. If you clear your balance each month then the charity donations are a nice touch, but if you keep a running balance the extra interest will more than compensate for any charity donation.

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