Marbles credit card

The Marbles credit card is yet another example of a financial product with a funny name, but its rates are reasonable: 11.9% APR variable (this is the typical rate, not what you'll necessarily get), 0% for the first six months on balance transfers and a higher than average 0.5% cashback on purchases.

The Marbles credit card was one of the very first examples of the "let's give our bank a silly name and put it on the internet" trend - it's actually owned by HFC Bank - and it's still going strong, with reasonable interest rates and higher than average cashback. Typical customers get 11.9% APR and 0% on balance transfers (but not purchases) for the first six months, and the cashback rate is 0.5%. You also get the usual safe shopping promises, free travel insurance and special offers on holidays.

The travel insurance that comes with your Marbles credit card is worth having, as it covers you for amounts that are often only available to Platinum card holders: £150,000 for the accidental death of a cardholder or spouse, £150,000 for serious injuries and £150,000 for accidents leading to disability. Remember, though, that such insurance isn't a substitute for normal travel insurance, it only applies if you use your Marbles credit card to buy the tickets or car hire, and various exclusions apply - so if you do something silly in Spain while off your face on illegal drugs or a bellyful of booze, Marbles won't be sympathetic.

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