Shell credit card

The Shell credit card is provided by the Royal Bank of Scotland, and while the rates aren't the lowest you might find 5.9% APR on balance transfers - for the lifetime of the balance - worth considering. You can also earn Shell PlusPoints on every purchase, which you can exchange for fuel.

Although it's plastered with the Shell logo, the Shell credit card is actually provided by the Royal Bank of Scotland and offers a reasonable 5.9% APR on balance transfers, fixed for the lifetime of the transfer. Normal transactions are more expensive, though: 16.9% APR variable.

The key selling point of the Shell credit card is the ability to collect PlusPoints on every purchase. PlusPoints are a kind of Air Miles for fuel, and your first purchase with a Shell credit card will give you 1,500 points - equivalent to around £10 of petrol. You'll get 15 points for every £20 you spend, and certain purchases - ferry tickets, purchases from Halfords, some car parks - provide double the points. If you stick with Shell petrol stations you'll get more points: 43 PlusPoints for every £20 you spend.

Although the interest rates aren't the most competitive we've seen, if you're the sort of person who does a lot of miles, pays a lot with plastic and pays off your credit card balance in full each month, the offer of free petrol could save you a few bob; alternatively you can transfer your points to Air Miles or vouchers for high street shops.

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