Virgin credit card

The Virgin credit card was voted best online card by Your Money magazine, and it's available in two forms: if you want to transfer a balance you get 0% for 9 months and 13.9% on purchases, or if you don't have a balance to transfer you can get 10.9% instead.

The Virgin credit card is available in different colours and more importantly, with different interest rates: if you want to transfer a balance it's interest-free for nine months and you pay 13.9% APR (variable) on purchases; if you don't have a balance to transfer then you'll get an interest rate of 10.9% variable.

The Virgin credit card doesn't have an annual fee, and as you spend you can earn reward points that can be spent in Virgin's members-only online shop. Credit limits of up to £50,000 are available, although of course that depends on your financial status. The package also includes free travel accident insurance and a 24-hour telephone helpline.

The ability to choose between two types of card is very handy: most online card providers tend to trumpet great rates for balance transfers, but the rates for everyday spending can be on the high side. The nine months interest-free period on balance transfers is handy, too: many providers only offer 0% for six months.

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